Private Mailbox Rental

With our mailbox  Rental you get a real street address, not a P.O. Box. If you’re a business owner, having a real street address for your business mailbox can provide you with a professional image for your business

Just complete our mailbox service agreement and provide two valid forms of identification. 


Mailbox services cost Pricing for mailbox services will be dependent on a number of factors and we’ll go through that when you sign-up for mailbox services.

Receive packages in your mailbox from other carriers  You can receive packages from any carrier with your mailbox agreement.


Re-mail your mail We offer re-mailing services for mailbox holders. Additional charges and restrictions apply.


We hold my mail if you are away: We can hold your mail for you until you return from a long business trip or a relaxing vacation. Additional charges may apply.


Authorized person to pick up my mail at my mailbox You can permit people to pick up your mail by lending them the key to your mailbox. Possession of the mailbox key shall be considered valid evidence that the possessor of the key is duly authorized to remove any contents from the mailbox.


You can also add the names of individuals authorized to receive mail at your mailbox. Each recipient will need to provide two valid forms of identification in order to complete the mandatory Form